Q&A: Debbie Lesko, Republican Candidate CD8

Registered voters in Anthem, Tramonto, New River and Desert Hills can vote in the special general election April 24 for Arizona’s Congressional District 8 (CD8), to fill a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives created by the resignation of Trent Franks in December. In&Out Publications asked each candidate to provide concise answers to these questions. [See Responses from Democrat Hiral Tipirneni]

debbie lesko
Debbie Lesko

Do you support the Second Amendment?
Yes, I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and have a long history of protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens. My opponent has an F-rating from the NRA.

Do we need stricter gun laws?
More laws against law-abiding citizens would not have prevented any of the recent mass shootings. Providing more behavioral health resources and making sure warning signs are acted upon is a better approach.  

Should teachers be armed to protect against school shootings?
A teacher’s main job is to teach our children, but if trained teachers with a concealed carry permit want to carry a weapon they should be allowed to.

Should we build a physical wall at the border?
Yes. The border needs to be secured. I support building a wall where it is practical, increasing the number of border agents, and improving technologies.

Did middle-class Americans get a fair shake in the recent federal tax cuts?
I support the recent tax cuts to individuals and businesses. They have helped the middle class keep more money and helped businesses provide salary increases and bonuses to their employees.

Should Arizona support vouchers to help parents pay for private K-12 school tuition?
I support improving education no matter where it takes place and allowing parents to choose the best education for their child no matter what zip code they live in.

What should the federal government’s role be in supporting healthcare?
I do not support my opponent’s Universal Health Care proposal. Democrats pushed through Obamacare without one Republican vote. It is a total disaster, where premium costs are soaring and patients have no choice.

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