Weather & Climate in North Phoenix and Anthem

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Below: Monthly Temperature & Rainfall Norms
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Current forecast, from Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix:

monsoon thunderstorm
Lightning crackled just north of Anthem on July 28, 2016. Photo By Marius Britt

The Climate of North Phoenix and Anthem: Average Temperatures & Rainfall

north phoenix elevationThe Valley of the Sun earns its name with abundant sunshine most of the year, and only around 8 inches of rain at Sky Harbor Airport. Closer to the mountains, here in North Phoenix, there’s more precipitation.

Rainfall averages 10.76 inches a year at Deer Valley Airport, and about 12  inches farther north in Anthem. The rain comes mostly during winter storms and during the summer monsoon.

While summers tend toward hot, spring and fall are absolutely delightful, and winter temperatures rarely dip below freezing. For Anthem, New River and other communities in the northernmost reaches of NoPho, subtract a couple degrees from the figures below, and plan on a little more rain (long-term data is not available in all communities).

Year-Round Climate

Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix:

Month Avg Rain Avg Max Temp Avg Min Temp Avg Temp
January 1.48" 65.0 44.2 54.6
February 1.24" 67.8 45.4 56.6
March 1.21" 74.0 50.0 62.0
April 0.42" 82.5 56.1 69.3
May 0.16" 92.0 64.6 78.3
June 0.06" 100.9 73.2 87.0
July 1.25" 103.7 80.0 91.8
August 1.28" 102.5 79.4 91.0
September 0.90" 96.5 74.9 85.7
October 0.77" 86.0 62.1 74.0
November 0.86" 73.1 49.2 61.1
December 1.13" 63.2 42.5 52.9

Chart by North Phoenix News
SOURCE: NWS; Nancy J. Selover, State Climatologist

More Information

Notes on Proximity

Temperatures and even the potential for precipitation will vary slightly depending on how near a community is to mountains at the northern edge of NoPho, or whether it’s closer to Deer Valley Airport to the south.

  • NoPho neighborhoods closer to Deer Valley Airport: Fireside at Norterra, Dynamite Mountain Ranch, Valley Vista.
  • Neighborhoods closer to Anthem: New River, Tramonto.
  • Neighborhoods in between: Sonoran Foothills, Desert Hills.