NoPho Real Estate Watch: Sales Mixed Amid Shortage of Entry-Level Homes

If you’re looking for a house, condo or apartment in NoPho — the North Phoenix I-17 corridor between Norterra and New River — you’ve found the best site to begin your journey. We’ve done extensive research to provide exclusive, detailed, independent information on the region’s neighborhoods, schools, services and attractions, not to mention the wonderful climate — everything you need know about the North Phoenix real estate market and make a smart decision on your next home. See general information about NoPho below, or hop straight to the latest real estate data:

Monthly Real Estate Watch: November 2018

This exclusive report on NoPho real estate trends and statistics is provided in cooperation with In&Out Magazine and is updated monthly. Click links below for exclusive analysis of each NoPho zone (zone map below).

Sales of existing homes have slowed across the country and in Anthem and the Norterra area. Nationally, year-over-year sales volume was down 5.1 percent in October, the most recent month reported. According to various analysts, low inventory of lower-priced homes, along with pent-up demand by first-time homebuyers, has contributed to 80 straight months of rising prices nationwide even as sales of higher-priced homes soften.

Locally, volume fell in three of five zones in November, but the grand total was 130, two sales ahead of November 2017. Average sales prices were mostly down, but price per square foot rose across all five zones. Inventory remains very tight in Anthem Parkside, the Tramonto and Sonoran Foothills area, and the Norterra area.

A recent analysis by Trulia predicts the hot housing markets in Silicon Valley and other Western coastal cities will cool in 2019, but Phoenix will remain a hot spot due to growth in jobs and population and comparably affordable home prices. Robert Roy Britt

(Note that figures can be skewed by a handful of sales in a zone, given the relatively small number of monthly sales.)

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2017 Year-End Overview

total nopho homes sold in 2017 by zone

Average prices for existing homes in North Phoenix ended 2017 higher than the year prior across four of the five NoPho zones, reflecting a nationwide trend of rising prices. The price per square foot was higher in all five zones. 

north phoenix real estate zones

About This Data

Real estate sales data is from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service and, while not guaranteed, is believed to be accurate.

Average Price of Homes Sold can be skewed by the sale of a single home that is priced well above or below other homes that have sold.

Pricing per Square Foot of any individual house can vary greatly depending on many factors, including location, upgrades and condition of the property.

Sales Activity represents the number of homes that have closed escrow in the given time period.

Inventory represents the number of months it would take to sell all the homes currently listed based on average rate of sales during the previous 6 months, and presuming no additional homes are listed. Less than 6 months is considered a “seller’s market.” As inventory goes down, look for prices to move up. More than 6 months is considered a “buyer’s market.” As inventory goes up, prices will trend down.

tramonto mountain view
Many homes in North Phoenix, like those on this street in Tramonto, are near or next to desert and mountain preserves, offering solitude and stunning views. Photos by In&Out Publications.

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  • Interactive North Phoenix Map: Find all neighborhoods, schools, shopping centers, places to hike, libraries, hospitals and more.
  • Real Estate News: New and soon-to-come subdivisions and retail centers, plus the latest on the housing market.

About NoPho

NoPho is a specific area within North Phoenix along I-17 [see NoPho Definition and map]. It is a great place to live, work and play. The commute is easy to Scottsdale, Glendale and Central Phoenix. Yet being on the northern fringe of the metro area, its a short hop to Prescott, Sedona and Flagstaff.

And there’s plenty to do right here. There are several mountain preserves in the region, all just a few minutes drive from any NoPho neighborhood, offering endless miles of hiking, biking and horseback riding. Lake Pleasant, just 20 minutes from the intersection of I-17 and the Carefree Highway, has two marinas from which you can sail, ski, kayak, fish, or do whatever it is the kids do these days.

Speaking of kids: You’ll be hard-pressed to find an area with more choices in schools, including some that tout top scores on statewide tests. School Information Guide >>>

You may also need to find nearby supermarkets and shopping centers, or get information on the local utilities.

Looking for a home? You’ll find gated and non-gated communities, humble one-story abodes, huge two-story houses, chic patio homes with an urban flair, low-maintenance condos, and sprawling desert territorials. You’ll find numerous neighborhoods with homes that have stunning desert and mountain views. Want a pool? There are lots of them. Looking for tennis, golf, hiking trails or other community amenities? We’ll arm you with that information. Neighborhood Information Guide >>>

You’ll find these guides in the main menu at the top of every page, along with the link to our News section, where we report on new businesses, real estate developments and community and school news.

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Meanwhile, some images of the places we call home:

daisy mountain
Daisy Mountain, undeveloped and gorgeous at sunset, is a visual anchor for the Anthem area.
Throughout the region, you’ll fine single-story and two-story homes, including a significant amount of new construction, like these homes in Stoneledge.
24 north
The detached patio homes at 24 North bring a distinct urban vibe to North Phoenix.
Check out a community’s homeowner association (HOA) rules before you buy a home. Some HOAs limit the types of plants and trees to native desert flora. Others, like Valley Vista, invite palm trees.
desert village condos
Several North Phoenix communities offer the choice of single-family homes, compact patio homes or a yard-maintenance-free condos like these at Desert Village.
tramonto tennis courts
Many North Phoenix communities have shared amenities ranging from pools and parks to tennis courts. In Tramonto, some of those features are tucked away in amazing settings.

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