Norterra Area Real Estate Data

This analysis of real estate activity in the Norterra area (north of Happy Valley, east of I-17, south of Sonoran Desert Drive — see map below) provides an exclusive view of residential resales, prices and inventory (see definitions). This monthly analysis, in cooperation with In&Out Magazine, is updated the middle of each month (see overview of all five zones).

The Norterra zone includes Dynamite Mountain Ranch, Fireside at Norterra, Sonoran Commons, Valley Vista and other communities that are centrally located near I-17 and shopping, yet also frequently trails into desert preserves. See also our guide to Norterra-Area Neighborhoods.

Homes for Sale in Norterra & North Phoenix
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May 2019 Real Estate Activity

Norterra Area Sales: April 2019

AddressSold PriceSq. Ft.$/Sq. Ft.BedsBathsBuilt
1945 W Desert Vista Trl 71$290,0001,941$14932.52008
28827 N 20Th Ln$325,0002,446$13332.52007
2309 W Cedar Ridge Rd$380,0001,981$19232.52017
1816 W Straight Arrow Ln$397,0002,474$16032.52013
2024 W Trotter Trl$324,9901,803$18032.52019
25327 N 20Th Ave$332,9901,803$18532.52019
2019 W Desert Hollow Dr$375,5672,472$15232.52019
1718 W Straight Arrow Ln$299,9001,273$236322010
2023 W Desert Hollow Dr$332,7581,942$17132.52019
2020 W Trotter Trl$378,1952,472$15342.52019
1407 W Spur Dr$560,0003,728$15042.52013
2122 W Tallgrass Trl 124$242,5001,329$182222007
28805 N 25Th Gln$360,0002,294$157422006
27407 N Gidiyup Trl$501,0003,360$149432006
2036 W Trotter Trl$349,9901,942$18032.52019
2028 W Trotter Trl$352,9301,942$18232.52019
2032 W Trotter Trl$360,4901,940$18632.52019
2514 W Bent Tree Dr$266,0001,522$175322003
2241 W Bonanza Ln$390,0002,822$13842.52006
2340 W Blaylock Dr$381,0002,872$133532005
29715 N 19Th Ln$475,0003,606$132432006
1538 W Tombstone Trl$552,5004,685$11855.52012
2124 W Hunter Ct 239$272,0001,575$173322007
2417 W Barwick Dr$335,0002,542$132332006
1804 W Desperado Way$375,0002,180$17232.52013
27521 N 18Th Ave$409,9002,639$15542.52008
1671 W Cavedale Dr$460,0002,721$16943.52012
805 W Quartz Rock Rd$650,0003,697$17643.52005
28053 N Via Donna Rd$264,9001,522$174322004
2507 W White Feather Ln$300,0002,206$13642.52003
26915 N Gidiyup Trl$474,0002,903$163432008
2128 W Barwick Dr$299,0001,871$16032.52007
28609 N 21St Ln$315,0001,782$177422004
2253 W Roy Rogers Rd$338,0002,313$146422004
29342 N 22Nd Ave$291,0001,871$15632.52008
1652 W Straight Arrow Ln$312,0001,273$245322011
2342 W Tallgrass Trl$350,0002,542$138532006
25331 N 20Th Ave$358,9901,928$18632.52018
26716 N 20Th Ln$474,5003,084$154432007
1717 W Oberlin Way$499,0003,241$15443.52007
1824 W Eagle Talon Trl$520,0003,241$16043.52010
27904 N 15Th Ln$681,0003,908$17453.52008
2446 W White Feather Ln$305,0001,998$15332.52001
1714 W Straight Arrow Ln$325,0001,505$216322009
25335 N 20Th Ave$384,9802,472$15632.52019
2428 W Andrea Dr$420,0002,872$146432005
2407 W Blue Sky Dr$305,0001,504$203322002
26004 N 5Th St$608,0003,048$199431997
27913 N 18Th Dr$493,0002,884$171432007
2503 W Blue Sky Dr$270,0001,522$177322002
2430 W Via Dona Rd$285,0002,232$12842.52005
2442 W Running Deer Trl$285,0001,522$187322001
27612 N 18Th Ave$347,0001,783$195322007

Note: The actual price per square foot of any individual house will vary greatly based on many factors including location, upgrades and condition of the property. See definitions of terms below.

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About This Data

Real estate sales data is from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service and, while not guaranteed, is believed to be accurate.

Average Price of Homes Sold can be skewed by the sale of a single home that is priced well above or below other homes that have sold.

Pricing per Square Foot of any individual house can vary greatly depending on many factors, including location, upgrades and condition of the property.

Sales Activity represents the number of homes that have closed escrow in the given time period.

Inventory represents the number of months it would take to sell all the homes currently listed based on average rate of sales during the previous 6 months, and presuming no additional homes are listed. Less than 6 months is considered a “seller’s market.” As inventory goes down, look for prices to move up. More than 6 months is considered a “buyer’s market.” As inventory goes up, prices will trend down.