Tramonto & Sonoran Foothills Area Real Estate Data

This analysis of real estate activity in the Tramonto & Sonoran Foothills area (including Amber Hills, Carefree Crossing, La Solona, Stoneledge and 24 North) provides an exclusive view of residential resales, prices and inventory (see definitions). This monthly analysis, in cooperation with In&Out Magazine, is updated the middle of each month.

This zone is south of Cloud Road, east of I-17, north of Sonoran Desert Drive — a cluster of individual communities not far from I-17 and yet close to desert preserves and trails (see map below). See also our guide to Tramonto & Sonoran Foothills Neighborhoods.

August 2017 Real Estate Activity

Tramonto & Sonoran Foothills area real estate activity august 2017

Tramonto Area Sales: August 2017

AddressSold PriceSq. Ft$/Sq. FtBedsBathBuilt
34818 N 31St Ave$216,5001,642$13232.52004
1626 W Burnside Trl$535,0002,838$189332006
2570 W Granite Pass Rd$257,5001,757$147422005
3311 W Zuni Brave Trl$310,0002,230$139422004
2546 W Golden Puma Trl$330,0002,032$162422015
33613 N 24Th Ln$359,0003,270$110432006
3404 W Leisure Ln$268,0002,230$120322004
33519 N 25Th Dr$315,0003,253$97532006
3002 W Via De Pedro Miguel --$372,0003,936$9553.52004
3010 W Perdido Way$255,5002,024$126332004
34707 N 23Rd Dr$320,0002,726$11732.52006
3251 W Gran Paradiso Dr$247,5001,253$198322012
35422 N 31St Dr$290,0002,192$132322004
2409 W Florentine Rd$357,0003,952$9043.52003
2714 W Via Calabria --$319,1003,376$9543.52001
3026 W Eagle Claw Dr$375,0003,111$121432001
2336 W Sienna Bouquet Pl$410,5004,035$10242.52004
1524 W Calle Escuda --$720,0004,806$15053.52007
32309 N 16Th Ln$540,0002,953$18343.52008
34714 N 30Th Dr$164,0001,137$144222003
35127 N 34Th Ave$259,5001,958$13332.52006
1720 W Aloe Vera Dr$420,0002,636$15932.52006
2906 W Caravaggio Ln$375,0002,670$14032.52003
34820 N 30Th Dr$222,0001,534$14532.52003
32112 N 23Rd Ave$287,8002,162$133422004
3029 W Via Perugia Dr$255,0002,024$12632.52003
33506 N 24Th Dr$329,9003,153$105532005
35714 N 30Th Dr$285,0001,839$155322003
32025 N 19Th Ln$584,5004,640$12653.52005
2303 W Jake Hvn$228,0001,519$15032.52005
2508 W Old Paint Trl$246,5001,843$13432.52002

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About This Data

Real estate sales data is from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service and, while not guaranteed, is believed to be accurate.

Average Price of Homes Sold can be skewed by the sale of a single home that is priced well above or below other homes that have sold.

Pricing per Square Foot of any individual house can vary greatly depending on many factors, including location, upgrades and condition of the property.

Sales Activity represents the number of homes that have closed escrow in the given time period.

Inventory represents the number of months it would take to sell all the homes currently listed based on average rate of sales during the previous 6 months, and presuming no additional homes are listed. Less than 6 months is considered a “seller’s market.” As inventory goes down, look for prices to move up. More than 6 months is considered a “buyer’s market.” As inventory goes up, prices will trend down.