Wedding icons made of amber

For young people who are going to undergo a wedding ceremony, you should take care of the necessary icons in advance. Traditionally, this is done by parents, but there are no specific rules about who can present such icons as a gift. They are usually ordered in church shops, although online shopping is becoming more and more common. Before buying icons, you should remember that they will become the basis of the iconostasis of a young family. They will go through life with the husband and wife and will protect them for many years. Therefore, icons printed by a typographic method are not quite a suitable option for such an important event. But images written to order and decorated with precious stones at store are an ideal gift for the young.

Among this kind of image, the coronation icons made of amber are in the first place. They are really durable and able to keep their colorful appearance for many decades. After all, today you are a young couple at the altar, and tomorrow you will be the parents of children, to whom you will inherit your icons, which will look like thirty years ago.

Wedding pair made of amber

It is hard to imagine a modern wedding without a fancy restaurant, an expensive limousine, an entertainment program, etc. But after a few years, the family hearth often collapses. This is partly because young people have put other values at the center of their new lives. These values are ostentatious, and what is more depressing, they cost a lot of money. From such a "show" in the future, only photos and video reminders will remain.

But if the right choice was made, namely: with faith in God, the newlyweds would get married in the church, spending money on wedding icons, then with God's help, they would overcome all troubles and their family ties would remain strong at all times. Therefore, the importance of icons at weddings cannot be underestimated. A family begins with them, and only with their help does a married couple go through all the trials and tribulations and stay together.

Amber icons for weddings

What kind of icons do you give for a wedding? The images of the Almighty and the Mother of God are the main relics of the Orthodox Church. They are the traditional couple for the wedding ceremony, and in the future - the basis of the family iconostasis. During the ceremony, the groom applies himself to the image of the Almighty, the bride - to the image of the Mother of God. It is known that there are several icons of the Most Holy Theotokos, and the image of the Kazan Theotokos is usually used at weddings, although there are no strict restrictions.

After the wedding, the newlyweds put icons on the penance, where they can pray for protection, help and strengthening of faith. It is important to remember that any icon, even the most beautiful and expensive, is the personification of saints, and not an object of luxury. First of all, it represents spiritual, not material value for young people.

If the parents of the bride and groom do not have beautiful images of the Savior and the Mother of God that could be handed down as a legacy, they can order relics from the masters. You can also buy beautiful icons made of amber in an online store that offers sunstone products. After the purchase, the icon must be consecrated in the church.

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