Cool Place to Beat the Heat in North Phoenix: Beuf Community Center

The Beuf Community Center on Pinnacle Peak Road, open to city residents and non- residents, was nearly empty on a recent Saturday afternoon. Photos by Robert Roy Britt

On a hot Saturday afternoon in late June, it was perfectly cool inside the Goelet A. C. Beuf Community Center in North Phoenix. One lone man shot hoops in the full-size gymnasium with six regulation-size baskets. Two women walked the balcony track that circles the gym, while two others worked out in the small, but well-equipped weight room.

The vibe isn’t always that chill at the facility though. Programming, in the form of fitness, sports and dance to piano and school readiness programs, occurs seasonally with several weeks of breaks in between sessions. “Some specific youth and senior programs are extremely popular, however the overall programming and amenities of the facility are very underutilized,” said James Ritter, city spokesperson.

The 43,000-square-foot facility also contains an aerobics room with treadmills and exercise bikes, a computer lab, a lounge with restrooms and showers, game room, and a dance and exercise room.

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And, you don’t have to be a City of Phoenix resident to use the facility’s amenities or participate in the programs. Day passes are offered for access to the gymnasium and track, lounge, game room and computer lab, as well as annual membership options for residents and non-residents. Access to the cardio and weight room carries an additional daily, biannual, or annual fee.

The center sits on the 40-acre Paseo Highlands Park complex. There’s a kids playground, sand volleyball court, multiple ball fields and eight new lighted pickleball courts.

The name? Some pronounce it byo͞of, some just say buff. The facility opened in 2003 and was named in memory of Phoenix Police Officer Alessandro Carlo Beuf, who died in the line of duty in the area.

Try it for a Day

$2/Individual recreation daily pass for ages 18 and up (residents and non-residents)
$1/Youth ages 317; Free/Ages 2 and under
$3 additional fee for cardio and weight room access

A.C. Goelet Beuf Center
3435 W. Pinnacle Peak Road, Phoenix
Web Site

Beuf’s weight room is small but well equipped with machines and free weights.
Treadmills and stationary bikes are in a separate room.

Beuf Community Center Classes

Purchase of an annual Phoenix Parks and Recreation pass is required to register for classes, programs and activities. The pass grants access to the lobby, gymnasium, walking track, computer lab and game rooms during open recreation times.

Resident Recreation Pass $20 annually/City of Phoenix residents ages 18 and up; $5/youth residents ages 317

Non-resident Recreation Pass $40 annually/individuals ages 18 and up; $10/youth non-residents ages 317

Individual class fees vary but cost is the same for residents and non-residents. Registration is ongoing with no specific deadlines, on a first-come, first-served basis.


Aerobics: Fit and Firm
Total toning body course for adults 18 and up. Mondays and Wednesdays, 67 p.m., July 2327 or Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:3010:30 a.m., July 24Aug. 28.

Aerobics: Tone It Up
Exercise techniques on conditioning and toning for adults 18 and up. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:305:30 p.m., Aug. 16Sept. 6.

Kundalini Yoga
Yoga designed to develop consciousness. Ages 18 and up. Tuesdays, 11 a.m.noon, July 24Aug. 28.

Total-body workout emphasizing alignment, breath and core control. Ages 18 and up. Level 1 class on Thursdays, 67 p.m., Aug. 2Sept. 6 and level 2 class on Mondays, 5:306:30 p.m., July 30Aug. 27.

Tai Chi
Martial arts including low-impact slow movements. Ages 21 and up. Wednesdays, 11 a.m.noon, July 25Aug. 29.

Yoga: Gentle
$20/Saturday class; $25/Monday class
Noncompetitive and meditational yoga for ages 18 and up. Mondays, 67 p.m., July 23Aug. 27, or Saturdays 10:1511:15 a.m., Aug. 18Sept. 8.

Yoga: Hatha
Challenging yoga incorporating straps, block and medicine balls. Ages 18 and up. Wednesdays, 6:307:30, July 25Aug. 29.

$25/Wednesday class; $30/Monday class
A combination of yoga and pilates for ages 18 and up. Mondays, 78 p.m., July 23Aug. 27 or Wednesdays, 5:306:30, July 25Sept. 5.

Latin-infused dance cardio workout for ages 18 and up. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:406:10 p.m., Aug. 16Sept. 6.


Ballet and Tap Technique
Ages 812. Saturdays 2:153 p.m., Aug. 425.

Ballet: All Levels
Improve strength, grace, flexibility and coordination. All experience levels welcome. Ages 15 and up. Mondays, 6:307:30 p.m., July 30Aug. 27.

Ballet: Wee
Simple dance positions, stances and terminology for ages 23. Mondays, 9:3510:05 a.m., July 23Aug. 27.

Ballet: Level 1
$22/Saturdays; $30/Weekdays
Introductory lessons on barre exercises, turns, leaps and short dances. Ages 35. Saturdays, Aug. 425, 10:1010:50 a.m. or 11:40 a.m.12:20 p.m. Mondays or Wednesdays, 10:4511:30 a.m., July 25Aug. 29.

Ballet: Level 2
Ages 46. Saturdays, 10:5511:35 a.m., Aug. 425.

Ballet: Level 3
Ages 510. Saturdays, 12:251:05 p.m., Aug. 425.

Ballet: Level 4
Ages 612. Tuesdays, 77:40 p.m., July 31Aug. 21.  

Advanced and Senior Performance Ballet/Tap
Ages 814 with advanced dancing skills. Saturdays, 1:102:10 p.m., Aug. 425.

Performance Ballet Studio
Additional studio time for advanced ballet/tap dancers ages 1016. Tuesdays, 7:458:25 p.m., July 31Aug. 21.

Intro to Jazz/Tap
An introduction to fundamental jazz/tap techniques for ages 35. Wednesdays, 11:45 a.m.12:25 p.m., July 2512:25 p.m.

Beginning Jazz/Hip-Hop
Principle steps and movements for ages 913. Wednesdays 6:156:55 p.m., Aug. 122.

Jr Performance Troupe
Basic and advanced tap and ballet lessons. Ages 913. Saturdays, 3:053:55 p.m., Aug. 425.


Okinawa Goju Ryu style martial arts including locks, throws, kicks, punches and takedowns. Wednesdays, July 25Aug. 29. Ages 58 meet 4:305:15 p.m. and ages 9 and up meet 5:206:05 p.m.

Beginning movements on mats for ages 3–5. Fridays, July 27Aug. 31, 11:1011:55 a.m. or 33:45 p.m.

Tumbling Wee
Beginning movements on mats for ages 23 with a parent. Mondays, July 23Aug. 27, 1111:30 a.m.

Wee Movement
Storytelling through song and movement to develop motor skills. Ages 18 months3 years. Mondays, 10:1510:45 a.m., July 23Aug. 27.


Preschool Art and Engineering Club
Fun, mess and thinking to develop motor skills. Ages 35. Tuesdays, 11:40 a.m.12:20 p.m., Aug. 728, or Fridays 1111:40 a.m., Aug. 1031.

Preschool Math and Shapes
$20/Friday class; $32/Tuesdays and Thursdays class
Activities, worksheets and interactive games in basic math skills. Ages 35. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:5011:30 a.m., Aug. 730, or Fridays, 10:1010:50 a.m., Aug. 1031.

Preschool Reading and Writing Club
$20/Friday class; $32/Tuesdays and Thursdays class
Activities, books, music and games to develop an interest in reading and writing. Ages 35. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1010:40 a.m., Aug. 730, or Fridays 9:2010 a.m., Aug. 1031.

Preschool Spanish Club
Basic Spanish vocabulary for ages 35. Thursdays, 11:40 a.m.12:25 p.m., Aug. 930.

Spanish Club
Basic Spanish vocabulary for ages 612. Wednesdays, 4:50 p.m.5:30 p.m., Aug. 829.

Babysitting Certification
American Safety and Health Curriculum teaches CPR, first aid, home safety and finances for ages 1018 to become a qualified babysitter. July 14 or Aug. 11, 10:30 a.m.2:30 p.m.

beuf community center basketball gym
The gym isn’t always empty, but at times its underutilized.

Caitlin Coulter contributed to this report.

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NoPho resident Karen Goveia joined In&Out Publications in 2009 and is managing editor. Goveia is a Chicagoland native with two decades of experience in the news industry, starting as a reporter for a chain of weekly papers serving Chicago’s suburbs and later serving as managing editor within the chain.

Karen Goveia

NoPho resident Karen Goveia joined In&Out Publications in 2009 and is managing editor. Goveia is a Chicagoland native with two decades of experience in the news industry, starting as a reporter for a chain of weekly papers serving Chicago’s suburbs and later serving as managing editor within the chain.

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