Q&A: Daisy Mountain Fire District Board Candidates

A trio of four-year-term seats are up for general election on the Daisy Mountain Fire District board of directors [voting deadlines & details]. In&Out Publications asked each candidate to briefly answer these questions:

  • What is the biggest challenge facing the Daisy Mountain Fire District?
  • How would you as a board member face it?
  • What’s the most significant skill or asset you would bring to the job?

Joe Cantelme (incumbent)

Providing service to the public has always been a challenge to all fire departments; it is our No. 1 priority. Response times have always been a challenge due to population growth and greater needs of our citizens. Training keeps our firefighters among the best in the fire and medical service.

Have been on Daisy Mountain Fire Board for 20 years; am a retired Phoenix Fire Captain with 29 years of fire experience.

Randy Hancock (incumbent)

The biggest challenge is continuing to provide exceptional services as inexpensively as possible. I would accomplish this by preventing wasteful spending and maintaining efficient personnel and equipment.

I’ve managed quality medical practices for years on a tight budget and will be budget conscious with the DMFM also.

Brian Moore (incumbent)

The Arizona Legislature capped fire district funding statewide. I will continue to be active with our statewide and Legislative District 1 elected officials to resolve this. I will continue to seek and obtain grants, having obtained over $1 million dollars to date over the past several years.

Seventeen years as DMFD elected Fire Board member; board chairman last six. Thirty-eight years firefighting and paramedic experience. Extensive operational, management and policymaking experience.

Alan Muller

Maintain a continued succession of advancement from the bottom up, in order to sustain a cohesive atmosphere within the department.  I would facilitate interaction with community, agencies and organizations to provide advanced education and training for employees. We need our life-line responders to consider Daisy Mountain their home.

My history reflects independent, unbiased decisions. Eight years as a community leader facilitating solutions within the Daisy Mountain area.

Neil Rifenbark

Chief Mark Nichols was recently inducted into the Arizona Fire Service Hall of Fame. He leads a fire district that is respected throughout the state. When he retires, the Fire Board will select his replacement. That selection is critical. I would like to participate in that process on the board.

Knowledge of, and appreciation for, the DMFD. The time and interest to participate fully. Independent thinking. Legal background.

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