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North Phoenix News provides breaking news and in-depth analysis of neighborhoods, schools, businesses and real estate in NoPho, the North Phoenix I-17 corridor from Norterra to New River, including Anthem, Desert Hills, the Tramonto area and the Sonoran Foothills area. Our news and feature stories are reported, written and edited by us. To provide the many communities of North Phoenix with as much useful and interesting information as possible, we also publish selected press releases, here. If you have a press release or a news tip, let us know.

How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

As the remnants of Hurricane Harvey continue to pummel Houston and a large swath of the Gulf Coast with torrential rain, high winds and tornadoes, two groups of first-responders from Arizona are in Texas to offer assistance. Meanwhile, disaster officials advise the best way for others to help.

Monsoon Rainfall Totals So Far

monsoon storm lightning

You could say last night’s thunderstorms inched the monsoon rainfall totals up, but in fact they barely fraction-of-an-inched them up. The shifty storms dropped just 0.04 inches of precipitation in the Anthem area, while about a quarter-inch fell in Tramonto and Sonoran Foothills and 0.39 inches rained down in the Norterra area.

Man Strapped with Explosives Admits to Starting Brush Fire

The causes of many brush fires in and around North Phoenix remain mysteries. But the case of a 20-acre fire Sunday in Black Canyon City appears to be solved after a man found buried in mud and strapped with an explosive device admitted to starting it.

High Demand Continues Upward Pressure on Home Prices

Home prices across the country continued a long-running upward trend, especially in the western states, as low inventories of existing homes led to quick sales in July. The story was similar locally, with North Phoenix home prices rising in July in four of five zones analyzed by North Phoenix News and In&Out Magazine.

Anthem Community Center Remodel Will Expand the Gym

anthem community center

When the construction dust settles sometime before next summer, Anthem Community Center should seem more spacious and efficient in key areas, including the bottlenecked entrance and the often-crowded second-floor gym.

Small Brush Fire Extinguished at I-17 & Daisy Mountain Drive

brush fire

A brush fire that flared up along I-17 this evening near the Daisy Mountain Drive interchange was put out just after darkness fell.

Eclipse Photos from North Phoenix

eclipse north phoenix 11 a.m.

While nothing like the total eclipse experienced along a 70-mile-wide shadow stretching from Oregon to South Carolina, in the Phoenix area, the sun was 63 percent covered at the maximum. These images were taken with an iPhone with eclipse glasses in front of the lens.

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