Spring Landscape Tips

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Early spring is a great time to get out and prepare your yard for the impending inferno we call summer. Here are a few things to consider doing this spring to help your yard look its best.

Clean Lots of dropped vegetation accumulates during winter. It can quickly get embedded in gravel and look unsightly. An electric blower/vac can help, but you will need a good deal of patience. A powerful gas blower is your best bet.

Prune If desired, now is the best time to do heavy regenerative/restorative pruning on sage, lantana, bird of paradise, and others.

Tackle Weeds A pre-emergent herbicide applied earlier this year would have deterred spring weeds. If you didn’t do one, apply a combination pre/post emergent now to kill new weeds and prevent others. The next round of pre-emergent should be applied around June.

Plant Freshen up your landscape with vibrant color. Spring is the ideal time to plant most anything you like (just be sure your choices are HOA-approved), giving new plantings precious time to establish before the shocking summer heat.  

Check Irrigation Do an irrigation-system audit. Check valves and lines for leaks.  Inspect drip heads for proper flow. Adjust your timer appropriately for warmer temperatures.

Fertilize Fertilizing your plants this spring with an appropriate ratio of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous will make your plants very happy. A general fertilizer will work fine, but a little more research will help you select appropriate ratios for your specific application.

If you have a lawn, mechanical aerating and dethatching will breathe new life into the soon-to-be-active Bermuda grass. Begin monthly fertilizer applications and continue through summer. Don’t neglect sprinkler heads. Make sure they are adjusted properly for coverage and flow.

And if you prefer to enjoy your weekends, give us a call and we’ll do the work.

Jason Plavala, AZ YardWorks | SPONSORED CONTENT
This article was written by the sponsor.

Jason Plavala, AZ YardWorks | SPONSORED CONTENT

This article was written by the sponsor.

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