ACC Candidates: What They Plan to Do

Candidates are vying for one seat representing Parkside and one from Country Club on the Anthem Community Council board, which runs community-wide events and operates common facilities like the community center. In&Out asked the candidates: 

What is the one thing you are most eager to fix/change/improve or otherwise tackle if elected, what would you do to affect that change, and which one of your qualifications is most relevant? 

Parkside Representative for ACC

Jeff Huff

There are many new development projects pending within Anthem’s ever expanding borders.  I look forward to working with ACC staff to streamline and regulate their inclusion and development. If you think that you need help with the qualification, or with handouts, extracts, abstracts, etc., you can ask for help at

Qualifications I was a board member of the Wyoming, Michigan DDA (downtown development authority), an organization which developed a more defined downtown area and is credited for helping capture tax revenue; reinvest back into the community and grow the downtown district.

Randy Schmille

I offer 42 years of experience in the building and development industry to transform the community of Anthem, which I refer to as the “hidden gem” of the Valley, into one of the most sought-after places to live in all of Phoenix.

Qualifications Being a conservative Christian, along with the real-world experience I have in business, is what I can bring to the ACC while introducing cost-effective ways to bring a real noticeable change to the landscape of our community.

Doug Sutherland

We will be changing top management positions and we need to do it right. We have a large employee base and we need to ensure that they deliver the services desired at the most reasonable cost. 

Qualifications Dispassionate oversight. Experience with my own company, as a mayor, experience in creating a new city as its first city manager and managing other large government operations at county and state-wide levels, and five years on the Parkside Community Council.

Country Club Representative for ACC

Barb Patterson

Continued commercial and residential economic growth are critical if we are to maintain Anthem’s quality of life— without exploiting our resources. I would do this through research and discovery of what is important to our residents. 

Qualifications My involvement in Anthem’s recent master-planned projects. I took ideas, found out what residents wanted, prepared proposals and then followed through to project completion. This is how I get things done.

Mark Senn

To establish an overall process whereby community needs can be determined. Then prioritize those needs based on meeting the needs of the entire community, or secondarily, the greatest number of people possible. Then help direct our limited resources toward accomplishing those needs.

Qualifications I am very knowledgeable, approachable and a good listener. I will represent everyone to the betterment of our community, not just special interest groups.

Candidates for HOA Boards

HOAs enforce homeowner rules and maintain pocket parks.

Alex Abess
James Loewer
Rob MacGregor
Shari Miller
Paul Nugent
Robert Omer
Yvonne Shirk
Robert Vogel

Country Club
Carl Benner
Barbara Birdseye
Spence Hochstein
Bob Miller
Gregory Strand

Vote! Deadline is March 13 at close of business for paper ballots and midnight for electronic ballots. 

More info on all candidates

Clearing the Record: In the March 5, 2020 issue of In&Out Magazine, this article inadvertently omitted the names of two candidates for Parkside’s HOA board: Yvonne Shirk and Robert Vogel.

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