What’s the Best Hearing Aid in Background Noise?

The Holy Grail of hearing aids is one that can help you hear better in background noise. The No. 1 complaint of most hearing-aid users is that their hearing aids do not help in noisy situations. However, there is one hearing aid that outperforms the rest, based on recent research.

The Oticon OPN hearing aid is designed to help provide a more natural listening environment when in background noise. It does this by using a processor chip that is 50 times faster than any chip ever built before. This processor chip allows the hearing aids to separate speech from noise better than its competition.

This means that you will be better equipped to understand speech with less effort and remember more of your conversations, even in noisy environments.  

However, even the best hearing aids in the world are only as good as the Audiologist who fits your hearing aids. Dr. Cliff Olson prides himself on being extremely detail-oriented when prescribing and fitting hearing aids, all while having fun in the process.

Want to see if the Oticon OPN hearing aid lives up to expectations? Find out by scheduling a hearing evaluation with Dr. Olson today.  


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