10 Last-Minute Love Notes

For 15 years, In&Out Magazine has been the definitive source of “Everything that’s going on” in and out of the community. We thank you, our readers, as well as the businesses that support the magazine through advertising, for that opportunity. But with little going on, and many businesses suspending or canceling their ads during the Covid-19 crisis, we are suspending publication of the magazine and web sites for the month of May. 

If reading this is reminding you… Oh, no! Valentine’s Day is Friday, Feb. 14? Worry not. Here are some creative, thoughtful and not-too-challenging suggestions to save the day with your sweetheart.

1 Plan a picnic for two. Grab some olives, meat, cheese and crackers for an effortless charcuterie board and enjoy while soaking up the sunshine. Don’t forget the wine!

2 Get the kids out of the house and let your sweetie sleep in, take a long afternoon nap, or just enjoy a few hours of peace.

3 Give a massage. Like, literally. When was the last time? Or, if you’re a lousy masseuse or masseur, get a gift certificate.

4 Get tickets for two to a local performance—such as Musical Theatre of Anthem, Starlight Community Theater, North Valley Symphony Orchestra or ProMusica Arizona—and support local performers while having a good time. [See Spring Performance Guide, In&Out Magazine, Feb. 6, 2020.]

5 Hire a cleaning service for a day, month, or whatever your budget allows and enjoy your newly found free time together as a couple.

6 Surprise your honey with a spontaneous outing. Line up a babysitter and/or pet sitter and hit the road for a day trip or an overnighter.

7 Get take-out, figure out your significant other’s favorite shows, and enjoy a binge-watching party for two no matter how much you can’t stand the shows.

8 Sign your beloved up for a gym membership. Better yet, sign up for a couples membership, plan some workout time together and take care of both of your hearts.

9 Take a hike, for real. It’s beautiful outside, and it’s free. Choose a new trail and enjoy some couple time while enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. 

10 Write a loving missive on nice paper with an attractive envelope, like you mean it. In this age of electronic emoticons and emojis, the art of the real love note seems lost. Revive it and speak from the heart for a change, you fool. (And no, a Hallmark card is not a legit substitute.)

The In&Out Magazine Staff

Making Love Last
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Staff Writers
North Phoenix News staff writers and editors often work together to produce articles like this one.

Staff Writers

North Phoenix News staff writers and editors often work together to produce articles like this one.

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