Changing the Perception of Hearing Health Care

Hearing aids are the best treatment option for over 90 percent of hearing losses. But the No. 1 thing that successful hearing-aid users know is that success with treatment depends on the quality of your hearing care provider. To ensure Anthem residents had access to high-quality hearing healthcare, Clifford Olson, Doctor of Audiology, opened Applied Hearing Solutions in May of 2017.   

Coming from a military background as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper, Dr. Olson has a highly developed attention to detail that makes him stand out from other hearing care professionals.

“Success with hearing treatment is not determined by the hearing aids alone. It is dependent upon the precise fitting and programming of those devices, performed by your provider,” Dr. Olson said. “If your provider gets any one of these components wrong, your hearing treatment will suffer.”

In fact, the military is what introduced Dr. Olson to audiology. With a hearing loss of his own, Dr. Olson’s personal experience helps him better care for his patients.  

“I want my patients to know that their ability to hear family, friends and co-workers is the most important thing to me,” he said. “This is why I spend a lot of time getting to know my patients on a personal level.”

Dr. Olson also publishes weekly informational videos on his online YouTube channel: Applied Hearing Solutions.

“There is a lot of misleading information about hearing aids out there, and the videos provide an educational resource on hearing loss and its treatment options—not just locally, but to people around the world,” he said.

To learn more about Dr. Olson’s practice, Applied Hearing Solutions, visit, or call 623-850-5413 today.



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