4 Reasons More People Now Use Hearing Aids

Hearing-aid use among Americans has risen steadily since 2008. Not only is the internal technology better, but the ways in which the technology is fit and programmed has improved as well. A recent survey by the Hearing Industries Association of hearing aid users shed light on why so many more people are treating their hearing loss.

hearing aid satisfaction growing1. Improved Technology Today’s hearing aids are vastly improved. Patient surveys indicate satisfaction rates are much higher for hearing aids purchased recently compared to older ones. As technology improves, so does hearing satisfaction.

2. Change in Social Acceptance My graduate studies found that there is nearly no stigma associated with the use of hearing aids. In fact, there is more stigma associated with individuals who have a hearing loss that is left untreated. Using hearing aids actually reduces negative perceptions towards individuals with hearing loss. And since most hearing aids are nearly invisible, they often go unnoticed.

3. Better Hearing in Multiple Listening Situations People with hearing aids less than 5 years old report 80 percent listening satisfaction across all environments, including background noise. This is compared to only 42 percent satisfaction of unaided individuals.

4. Improved Quality of Life Those who wear hearing aids have a dramatically improved quality of life. When you lose your hearing you also lose the ability to effectively communicate with those around you. Nearly 90 percent of hearing-aid wearers report that their devices improve their quality of life.

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